Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER
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  • Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER
  • Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER
  • Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER
  • Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER
  1. Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER
  2. Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER
  3. Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER
  4. Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER

Fan for Bitmain ANTMINER

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Bitmain FAN
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For 19 Series/ 17 Series/ 15 Series/ D Series/ S9 Series/ T9 Series/ Z9 Series/ L3 Series/ Z11 Series/ S11/V9/A3/B7/E3/ K5/ X3 Air-cooling Miners

Adjustable speed fan:120*120*38mm, 12V/2.7A, 6000 rpm, lead wire 38cm tolerance ±1cm with 4PIN2.54 terminals

ANTMINER Bitmain Fan: Enhance Cooling Performance for Your Mining Equipment

The ANTMINER Bitmain Fan is a crucial component for optimizing the cooling performance of your Bitmain mining equipment. As cryptocurrency mining generates a significant amount of heat, proper cooling is essential to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your mining hardware. The ANTMINER Bitmain Fan is specifically designed to provide efficient and reliable cooling, helping to prevent overheating and ensuring optimal mining performance.

Efficient Cooling Solution:

The ANTMINER Bitmain Fan features a high-performance design that is tailored to meet the cooling requirements of Bitmain mining equipment. It is designed to effectively dissipate heat from the mining hardware, keeping temperatures at optimal levels for efficient mining operations. The fan is engineered with precision to deliver maximum airflow and pressure, helping to keep your mining equipment cool, even during intensive mining operations.

Enhanced Performance:

By maintaining optimal temperatures, the ANTMINER Bitmain Fan helps to enhance the performance of your mining equipment. Overheating can result in decreased mining efficiency and performance, leading to lower hash rates and reduced mining profits. With the ANTMINER Bitmain Fan, you can ensure that your mining equipment operates at its best, maximizing your mining output and potential profits.

Reliable and Durable:

The ANTMINER Bitmain Fan is manufactured by Bitmain, a trusted and reputable name in the cryptocurrency mining industry. It is made from high-quality materials, built to withstand the demands of continuous mining operations. The fan is designed for long-term use, providing reliable and consistent cooling performance to protect your mining equipment from overheating and potential damage.

Easy to Install:

Installing the ANTMINER Bitmain Fan is easy and straightforward. It is compatible with various Bitmain mining equipment models and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for quick and hassle-free installation. The fan is also designed for easy maintenance, allowing you to keep it clean and free from dust and debris to ensure optimal performance.

Quiet and Energy-Efficient:

The ANTMINER Bitmain Fan is designed to operate quietly, reducing noise levels in your mining setup. This helps to create a more comfortable and conducive environment for mining operations. Additionally, the fan is energy-efficient, consuming minimal power while providing effective cooling performance. This can help to reduce your overall energy costs, contributing to a more cost-effective mining operation.


The ANTMINER Bitmain Fan is a critical component for maintaining optimal cooling performance in your Bitmain mining equipment. With its efficient cooling capabilities, enhanced performance, reliability, ease of installation, quiet operation, and energy efficiency, the ANTMINER Bitmain Fan is a valuable addition to any mining setup. Trust in Bitmain's reputation for quality and performance and ensure the longevity and efficiency of your mining equipment with the ANTMINER Bitmain Fan.