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AntMiner S9 Bitcoin Miner 13.5Th/s This will come with 2 fans

AntMiner S9 Bitcoin Miner13.5Th/s 2 fan

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Out Of Stock!


AntMiner S9 Bitcoin Miner 13.5Th/s 2 fan

Antminer S9 Bitmain  (14Th) mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 14Th/s for a power consumption of 1372W.

Risk warning:

Because the value of miners is subject to market fluctuations, the number and price of this batch of orders will be locked after payment. If market prices rise, the price of this order will not increase. If market prices fall, there is no refund for this order.
1. An order must be paid within 24 hours, otherwise, the order will be canceled automatically.
2. Be sure to turn on a miner when the switch is OFF.

What does AntMiner S9 mining achieve?

Let’s look at a typical cryptocurrency network to answer this question. Participants can be broadly classified into three groups:

  1. Users: These are end-users — participants like you and me — that send and receive funds. Users initiate transactions through their crypto wallet, which is essentially a piece of software. That, in turn, broadcasts relevant details (such as the amount and destination address) to the rest of the network.
  2. Nodes: Nodes are volunteer users that maintain a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain on their computers. They also take on the responsibility of acknowledging new transactions broadcast by the users. Finally, nodes enforce a comprehensive list of network-specific rules that all incoming transactions must adhere to.
  3. Mining nodes: These are specialized nodes that volunteer to verify the aforementioned incoming transactions. There is no risk or entry fee involved, as long as the miner can contribute computational power towards the verification process. In return, they receive compensation in the form of token rewards, transaction fees, or both.




Bitmain Technologies Ltd., or Bitmain, is a privately owned company headquartered in Beijing, China that designs application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC
Mining hardware

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