Baikal Giant-A900 Miner

Baikal Giant-A900 Miner

supporting X11/X13/X14/X15/Quark/Qubit for the most profitable mining of much more crytocurrencies than before.

More powerful with lower consumption!

1. Hash Rate and Power
– Giant-A900 miner
1) X11 : 900MH/s @ 217W
2) X13 : 900MH/s @ 255W
3) X14 : 900MH/s @ 263W
4) X15 : 900MH/s @ 270W
5) Quark : 900MH/s @ 132W
6) Qubit : 900MH/s @ 146W

2. New upgrading on Miner
– Now, all Baikal miner(include mini miner and quadruple miner) can support AUTO-SWITCHING ALGORITHM on Nicehash/mingpoolhub/Zpool. Miner will detect and select the most profit algorithm automatically, you just need to fill your btc address in wallet.

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