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Bienvenue sur Asic marché Miner, le plus avancé de l'exploitation minière crypto-monnaie, service de matériel hachage. Nous vendons GPU Asic, Pièce de monnaie, Hacher, matériel ASIC minier, et des solutions. Pourquoi se préoccuper des contrats miniers à risque ou de louer quand vous pouvez acheter directement le pouvoir hachant? Asic Miner marché apporte plus de sens au marché.

  • Q1.About US

    Asicminermarket.comheadquartered in SHENZHEN is one of the largest miner.
    distributors into offline sales. We are professionals with an experience into
    Blockchain Management, Offline Sales, E-Commerce and Cryptocurrency Mining. We are here
    to dispense the best Crypto Currency Machine with the best customer service experience. Our
    vision is to bring Blockchain and Cryptocurrency at the next level, we will always try to provide
    all products at a very reasonable price from the current market rates. Our policy helps us to ship
    all the products with in 48 hrs of order conformation. In case of any delay we always intimate
    our customer with a valid proof and perfect time of shipment made. Our strong part is our
    customer support who are always there to help 24*7 365 Days. Feel free to get in touch with us
    at sales@asicminermarket.com


    Yes we do. We are looking for majorly in Canada and Australia and UK. Any company or an individual interested
    Can directly call us or drop us an email on sales@asicminermarket.com

  • Q3. Are we trust worthy seller?

    OUI. We operate miner sales for more than 7 years. We have a good relationship with BITMAIN.baikal.Innosilicon.Avalon.What Miner.Fusionsili Miner.

  • Q4. How fast the shipment takes place ?

    We ship within 48hrs after the order and payment conformation is made.

  • Q5. Can we change product once purchased or exchanged.

    We don’t change or exchange products.
  • Q6. Value Declaration on the package?

    We can always help you by declaring low valued invoice to help reduce the taxes and risk at the
    customs. If in case of any special requirement please contact us and update us before shipment.

  • Q7. Which courier company do you prefer and how fast it reaches us?

    We are flexible with the courier company. We have our option available as DHL, UPS, ARAMEX, TNT and
    all major courier company as per your convenience. As per standards policy our default company we
    work with is DHL. They deliver the product internationally by max 5 7 Working days. In case of delay
    with customs and law it may take up to 12 14 Days. We will always try to make sure, your shipment
    reaches on time as committed by the courier company.

  • Q8. Does Asicminermarket help with Customs?

    Customer is responsible for Customs Clearance in their country, we can always help you with providing a lower invoice so that you pay a low custom value.

  • Q9. Cancel or change my order?

    As we ship in next 48 hrs we don’t have any cancellation available once the order is processed
    and ready to ship. You always get a chance to change the product before you click the process
    button. As we have a automated system which drop the entire data to our warehouse. All process
    automated and we cannot manually change the item or cancel as the product would have left the
    warehouse. As we have the fast shipment policy with in 48hrs of booking.

  • Q10. No order conformation?

    In case of delay in getting order conformation in Six working hours. Drop us a email on
    info@cryptominerbros.com with a payment transaction receipt from the bank or a transaction
    id . We will get back to you shortly.

  • Q11. If Out of Stock on site and i am looking to purchase?

    You can directly contact us via our email id sales@asicminermarket.com

  • Q12. Mode of Payment we accept?

    Wire transfer via bank or Bitcoin (Gourl.io). All products listed on our website are priced in US Dollars.
    As Bitcoin has a Volatility price it will show the total amount of BTC to be paid at the time of Checkout.
    The price will be provided through the exchange rate of Bitcoin to US Dollars rate as per the current
    market rates. Orders generated will be valid only for a certain period from the time of booking. Once the
    order is generated a person as to make the payment in max hour in BTC Transfer and upto 3 Days for
    bank transfer. If in case of failure you order will get cancelled automatically.
    1) Wire Transfer to our Hong Kong Account.
    2) Bitcoin Transfer with secure SSL encryption with GoUrl.io (Global Coin Payments).

  • Q13.How to register an account?

    Click this linkhttps://asicminermarket.com/my-account

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Asicminermarket est un fournisseur expérimenté dédié à fournir les meilleures machines et appareils de prise de service et crypto-monnaie clientèle haut de gamme.
Avec notre PROFESSIONNALISME, LA SINCÉRITÉ, et EFFORTS, nous avons gagné la confiance et le soutien des clients dans le monde entier.
Dont le siège est dans le district de Longgang, shenzhen.

Tout le matériel est emballé entièrement, suivi et aura besoin du client de signer la preuve. Est d'assurer que tous les produits trouvent leur chemin vers vous ..

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