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We support bank transfers, Cryptocurrency, paypal, Western Union payments.

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We have professional venues that support users’ hosting services and low electricity.

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If you want to sell your Cryptocurrency, we have a good price.

Asicminermarket is an experienced supplier dedicated to providing the best cryptocurrency-making machines and devices and top-notch customer service.
With our PROFESSIONALISM, SINCERITY, and EFFORTS, We have gained trust and support from worldwide customers.


We have the flexibility to support users’ purchase needs and hosting needs.
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Our team was founded in 2013. We are located in Huaqiang North, Shenzhen, China.

We are committed to making all the world’s digital currency users have their own mining hardware.

We have a stable cooperation with Chinese manufacturers (bitmainInnosiliconBaikalWhatMinerFusionsiliAvalonDayu Miner).

Safe and fast, 7×24 pre-sales service. Your satisfaction is our most desired goal and we look forward to working with you.


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Our team will serve you well, every one of our users. Your trust is the best support for our team.