BRANDING How do I Get Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency?

How do I Get Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency?

While this article refers to Bitcoin, the advice here can be used to acquire other types of cryptocurrency as well.

There are many ways to get bitcoin. A friend can send some to your bitcoin wallet. Your employer may be able to pay you in it. With a credit card, you can buy some on a bitcoin exchange. If you prefer to pay for bitcoin with cash, you can use a bitcoin ATM. buy ASIC Miner or GPU Miner to mine bitcoin.

Receive to Your Wallet
This is the simplest way to get bitcoin. All you need is a bitcoin wallet app to receive the bitcoin and someone willing to send you some bitcoin.

At BitPay, we recommend our wallet. It makes secure bitcoin storage and spending simple, so it’s perfect for someone new to bitcoin. In addition to the BitPay Wallet, we recommend the Copay wallet, the Mycelium wallet, and the breadwallet. You can find download links for your smartphone, tablet, or computer by clicking on the icons below.


If you have a friend or acquaintance with bitcoin, you can offer to buy some from them. Otherwise, you can find someone on a site like who will do the same.

Some companies and marketplaces will also allow you to receive your payout in bitcoin if you sell a good or service on their sites.

2. Buy on an Exchange
Around the world, bitcoin exchanges allow users to convert their currency into bitcoin. If you have a credit card or bank account and want to buy bitcoin, get started by finding an exchange in your country.

If you live in the United States, both Coinbase and Simplex sync with the BitPay Wallet. If you plan on using our bitcoin wallet, either exchange is an excellent choice.

3. Bitcoin ATMs
Like ATMs let you deposit money into your bank account, Bitcoin ATMs (or BTMs) allow you to use cash to buy bitcoin.

4. Asic Miner or GPU Miner
You can buy it through BITMAIN or other brand official websites or trusted dealers.

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