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AntMiner S11 19.5T With PSU 10pcs/set (used) amazing profitability


AntMiner S11 19.5T With PSU

Used AntMiner S11 19.5T With PSU Bitcoin BTC BCH Miner Better Than S9 S9i S9j T15 Z9 WhatsMiner M3 M3X M10
  • BTC Miner Bitmain Antminer S11 19.5T Mining ASIC miner.
  • 2 working Models: 1 model is Normal Mode when Power efficiency is 70J/T, Hashrate is 19.5T. When you set low power efficiency as 64J/T, Hashrate is 16-17.5T.
  • Please kindly note that the required input voltage for Antminer S11 is 220V. If you use 110V, that will affect the hashrate, may damage the Antminer S11.
  • This S11 antminer is quite a competitive Bitmain miner for now, better than Antminer S15 and Antminer T15.


AntMiner S11 19.5T With PSU 10pcs/set Used

Bitmain Technologies Ltd. has suspended sales of AntMiner S11 for spot delivery globally, aiming to prop up local prices after crypto miners fleeing Beijing’s crackdown dumped used mining rigs on the market.

The world’s biggest maker of Bitcoin machines told the local mining community Wednesday it has stopped selling new equipment after prices for top-tier rigs plunged by about 75% since April. By postponing sales, it could help AntMiner exiting the industry get better prices for their machines. Bitmain could also benefit if the reduced supply buoys prices over the long term for new machines.

Bitmain reacts

It appears the influx of secondhand bitcoin miners has been so significant lately that is causing Bitmain to suspend the sales globally for the spot orders for its new bitcoin miners. Preorders for future stocks have not been affected.

Executives at Bitmain notified its customers through WeChat messages on Wednesday that the suspension is due to the increasing amount of secondhand bitcoin miners circulating in the markets as a result of the recent shutdown orders in Xinjiang and Sichuan.

Details for AntMiner S11

1. Hash Rate: 19T ±2%(Standard Mode) 15.5T-17T ±2%(Low Power Consumption Mode)
2. Power Consumption: 1349W ± 3   992w-1088w ± 3 % (at the wall, 93% efficiency, 25C ambient temp)
3. Power Efficiency: 71 J/TH ±7%(standard) 64J/TH ±7% (Low Power) [at the wall, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temps]
4. Rated Voltage: 11.60 ~13.00V
5. Dimensions: 238mm(L)*278.8mm(H)*175.4mm(W)
6. Cooling: 2 x 12038 fan
7. Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
8. Network Connection: Ethernet

Package includes:

1. Bitmain AntMiner S11 With PSU  (used)       10 PC

2. Power Supply 220v  (used)         10 PC

Additional information

Weight 150 kg


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