Asic Miner Hosting Plans All In China

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Asic Market Crypto Mining Hosting service
Thank you for your trust in us and choose our hosting service.
Our hosting service has a minimum order of 100kw/hour.
The contract is signed for at least one year. Expired users can handle the machine themselves or continue to sign contracts.
The specific electricity fee is signed with the contract. Please contact us.


Bitmain Antminers. Canaan. Dayun. Ebang. ePIC Blockchain Technologies. FusionSilicon. Innosilicon Obelisk

What is Mining?

Adding blocks to the blockchain denotes a complex encryption system. You can think of the processes as a fairly intricate puzzle that can be completed by a computer, or rather a piece of hardware that has the capacity to handle so many complicated operations. This is exactly where CPUs and GPUs come in. For example, high-end PCs or more specifically Radeon and Nvidia (GeForce) graphics cards are capable of handling such processes. When the math behind adding these blocks to the public blockchain is done, that operation is what can essentially be described as mining.

  • GPU Mining: setting up your own home rig, usually with a custom-case for a PC that contains various GPUs to handle the complex process of transaction verification.
  • ASIC Mining: despite some recent political controversy, ASIC Mining is still fairly popular. To put it simply, it’s when the process of mining is strictly focused on a single cryptocurrency.
  • Pool Mining: represents lending your mining with bigger groups and then sharing the profit. For those who are still eager to get their hands on Bitcoins, you’ll have a better chance with Pool Mining than with any other type of mining.
  • Cloud Mining: probably the quickest way to eliminate the cost and expenses of home-based crypto mining. Cloud Mining gives you an opportunity to rent mining power from other miners without becoming a miner yourself (you rent from 3rd party companies or directly from cloud mining companies).


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