avalon a1066 power supplyavalon a1066 power supply

Avalon A1066 power supply


Avalon A1066 official power supply

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Avalon A1066  power supply

Avalon A1066 power supply, also A1146/A1166 HQ3300-A02 software voltage regulator

Avalon A1066 power supply
Product number: HQ3300-A02 / A1066
Total output power: 3300W
Input voltage range: 185~285V
Output voltage range: 11.5~14V
Output current range: 0~240A
Maximum output efficiency: 93%
Operating temperature: -10℃~+50℃ (rated input, normal work under rated load)
Output terminal: Standard 6Pin buckle terminal P6*10
Applicable models: Avalon A1066/A1146/A1166
Dimensions: L(240mm)*W(200mm)*H(45mm)
Safety Meet the requirements of UL60950 and EN60950 standards
Protective function: Short circuit / over current / over-voltage protection / over temperature

Avalon A1066 series troubleshooting and solutions

I. Miner indicator

Avalon A1066 power supply

Miner indicator Normal operation Error occurred
Red light Flashes for 1S, the miner is powered on. Lights up continuously, the system is overheated.
White light keeps on for 3S. Press the FUNC key to enter the configuration mode. Frequent flashing, you need to press the FUNC key to make the main control work normally.
The yellow Light keeps on for 20-30s. The system starts to prepare. The yellow light does not turn to the green light continuously, and the miner has no hash rate
Greenlight Keeps on and the miner starts mining

II. Miner failed to boot

The miner fan does not turn, or the LED lights up after the miner is turned on.

the internal structure of the miner


Avalon A1066  power supply

There may be the problem: 

(1) The fan wiring of the miner is loosened;

(2) The power supply line of the MM board of the miner is disconnected;

(3) The AC power input is not connected properly;

(4) The power supply module (PMU board) is damaged;

(5) The control board (MM board) is damaged;

(6) Power output short circuit protection.

Troubleshooting and repair methods:

check that the LINK light of the network port is flashing;

(2) If the network portlight does not light up, it means that the MM control board is out of power; check the power cord connection, replace the power supply, or check whether there is a short circuit in the power output;


III. The Miner cannot mine

There may be the problem:

  • The mine pool configuration error;
  • Network configuration error;
  • Miner overheating protection;
  • The miner cannot access the external network;
  • The miner hash board cannot work;
  • The power supply of the miner has no main output (wiring error, overload, short circuit, or damage).

Troubleshooting and repair methods:

1. Restore factory settings.

After confirming that the network environment is typical, the network cable is firmly connected, and the miner is turned on usually, you can try to restore the factory settings.

2. Check the firmware version of the miner.

Check the firmware version backstage, and use FMS to update to the current latest version.

3. Check for hash board issues.

Avalon hash rate backstage.png

(1) Temperature problem.

Check the working status shown in Figure ②: IN WORK is normal, OVERHOT means overheating and shutdown;

We need to continue to check the fan and ambient temperature (you can choose the GS320 infrared thermometer).

(2) Hash board failure.

Check the number of the hash board shown in Figure ③. The standard value is 3; other values indicate that the hash board is abnormal.

(3) Power supply problem.

If the hash board value is 0, the power supply may not supply power typically.

4. Check power supply, temperature, network status, fan status (click “LOG” in the left column).

Network status

Max is the highest chip temperature, which cannot exceed 85°C;

TAvg is the average chip temperature and cannot exceed 68°C.

Figure ⑥ If you see that any of the above temperature items is too high, you need to check the fan speed (you can choose the laser tachometer to check it);

If the fan speed is average, you need to lower the indoor temperature and ensure good ventilation around the miner.

Figure ⑦Vo is the average chip voltage, which is usually 32x.

Avalon A1066  power supply

Figure ⑧PS is the power state. The meanings of items 1-6 are as follows:

a. Error code: Normally 0. Other values indicate power failure or output short circuit;

b. Voltage supplied to the control board: 12xx normally;

c. The voltage supplied to the hash board: normally between 1200 and 1400;

d. The output power of the power supply to the hash board: For the 1066 models, the average value is between 3100-3420;

e. The expected output voltage of the power supply to the hash board: If the 6 parameters of the power supply PS field are all 0, it means that the control board cannot be connected to the power supply.

Please check the line connection; the power supply needs to be replaced if the connection is correct.

5. Check whether the configuration of the Antpool, miner, and miner password is correct.

1) In the backstage of the miner, click on the left column and click on Pool;

2) Check whether the configuration of Pool, Worker, Password is the same as that of your Antpool;

Configuration backstage

6. Check the network settings.

1) Click on Network on the left;

2) Choose the default configuration as DHCP mode;

3) Configure network information;

4) If the computer’s DNS is wrong, you can replace it with a shared address;

Note: After modifying the configuration, you need to click the save button to save the configuration.

Network configuration backstage

IV. the network configuration information operation method.

Step 1: Right-click the start menu and click Run;

click run


Search cmd


V. The method of restoring factory settings.

Setting method one:

1. Make sure that the miner is powered off;

2. Press the FUNC button and keep it pressed;

3. Power on the miners


Setting method two:

1. Power on the Miner;

2. Press the FUNC button and keep it pressed;

3. Press the RESET button and release;


Avalon A1066

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