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Avalon official power supply for A1066



HQ3300-A02 software voltage regulator Avalon official power supply for A1066/A1146/A1166

Product number: HQ3300-A02
Total output power: 3300W
Input voltage range: 185~285V
Output voltage range: 11.5~14V
Output current range: 0~240A
Maximum output efficiency: 93%
Operating temperature: -10℃~+50℃ (rated input, normal work under rated load)
Output terminal: Standard 6Pin buckle terminal P6*10
Applicable models: Avalon A1066/A1146/A1166
Dimensions: L(240mm)*W(200mm)*H(45mm)
Safety Meet the requirements of UL60950 and EN60950 standards
Protective function: Short circuit / over current / over-voltage protection / over temperature


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