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Baikal Giant B Miner 40 160 GH/s With PSU

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$500.0  /  0.01296 Ƀ

Baikal Miner Giant-B

The Miner Baikal Giant B 40-160 GH/s With PSU algorithms: Blake256R14/Blake256R8/Blake2B/Lbry/Pascal high-profit low consumption.

Power supply:ATX Power(12V 6Pin connector * 6) Interface:1 X Ethernet Temp Operation:0 ~ 40 ℃ Dimension:312mm(L) x 125mm(W) x 130(H) Weight:3800g

Hash Rate & Power Consumption

Power supply ATX Power (12V 6 Pin Connector x 6)
Interface 1 x Ethernet
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃
Dimension 310mm x 115mm x 135mm
Weight 3.8kg


Algorithm Hash Rate Power
Blake256R14 160 GH/s ± 10% 410 W ± 5%
Blake256R8 160 GH/s ± 10% 410 W ± 5%
Blake2B 80 GH/s ± 10% 300 W ± 5%
Lbry 40 GH/s ± 10% 400 W ± 5%
Pascal 40 GH/s ± 10% 210 W ± 5%


Out Of Stock!


Baikal Miner Giant-B


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The following events will void the warranty: Overclocking the miner will void the warranty. Customer remove and replace of any components without receiving permission from asicminermarket. Damage caused by poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges. Burnt parts on hash boards or chips. Miner/boards/components damaged due to water immersion or corrosion in a wet environment.
The customer must return the defective equipment at their own expense after opening a support ticket and troubleshooting with asicminermarket customer support. asicminermarket will pay for the shipping cost to the customer when shipping a replacement unit within the warranty period. Asicminermarket will not pay for any loss of down time or delay caused by customs. In cases where the warranty is void or after the warranty period, equipment can be repaired for the cost of parts and labor.

Please be aware that all sale inquiries need to go through sales@asicminermarket.com direct email contact .

Lately some customers reported to us that someone used “live:yangrongdai” fake Skype accounts to ask for customer payment. That is a fraud!
fake Skype accounts are not our Skype accounts and DO NOT pay anyone through Skype request. Without correct asicminermarket email address , you may risk being cheated.

(1) Please be careful to check our website and confirm with our official sources before you pay. For payment process, please check here.
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(3) Don’t send money other than asicminermarket account.

We hope every customer has a great user experience with our miner. Should there be any question, feel free to contact us

4 reviews for Baikal Giant B Miner 40 160 GH/s With PSU

  1. Maxi

    The price increased from $ 9999 to $ 18,499. What justifies the increase? With the increase in difficulty, it will become less profitable.
    Will it go back down to the normal price of $ 9999?

  2. Zeeshan

    After two days of crypto blood bath ?, Profitability of BAIKAL GIANT B as per today’s production stats:
    Decred@160GH = 85$ a day
    Vcash@160GH = 234$ a day
    Sia@80GH = 47$ a day
    Lbry@40GH = 111$ a day
    Pascal@40GH = 52$ a day

    While other preferred ASICs are not any where near the Gaint ?

    Antminer S9 producing 15$ a day only
    Antminer L3+ producing 9.48$ a day only.
    16,Jan 2018

  3. Samuel (verified owner)

    Yesterday i got the Baikal Giant B…. i am so excited.. Thank you ASICMinerMarket 😀

  4. Cryptomaniac

    Any algorithm update??
    Do i need to pay taxes in USA?

    • admin

      maybe need pay taxes

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