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FusionSilicon X2 Multi coin miner. An ASIC-miner that can produce at 300 Gh/s Mygroest, 67 Gh/s Keccak, 1,1 Th/s Blake2s hash rate with about 900 Watt power consumption.

FusionSilicon X2 specifications

Power consumption: 900 Watt
Hashing algorithm: Mygroest, Keccak, Blake2s.
Hash rate: 300 Gh/s | Mygroest
Hash rate: 67 Gh/s | Keccak
Hash rate: 1,1 Th/s | Baikal2s

it could mine 3 coins at the same time

1 review for Fusionsilicon X2 Miner

  1. Rogério Silva

    Caros Senhores; Não tenho nenhuma experiência em mineração, mas se me derem as informações certas para poder minerar, de maneira que possa entender correctamente, poderei comprar alguns equipamentos. Talvez o ASIC Fusion Silicon X2. Aguardo . Cumprimentos

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