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Goldshell HS1 Miner 50Gh/s ASIC Miner Control Software.

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Goldshell HS1 Miner

Period /day /year
Income $8.66 $3,117.89
Electricity -$1.44 -$518.40
Profit $7.22 $2,599.49
50GH/s   |   57W   |   1.14W/G

Handshake  Mining

Handshake miner



Goldshell HS1 Miner

Goldshell HS1 Miner is for mining Handshake, Blake (2b-Sia) – 0.93 TH/s hashrate and 930 W power consumption. ASIC can be used for mining 6 different coins.

Silence, Small, Efficient

Wall Power:
Fan Speed:
 3000 RPM
132mm(L) * 96mm(W) * 85mm(H)
Power Adapter:

Goldshell HS1 Miner Super Hashrate

Shake the miner to make sure there are no heat sinks fallen off

Visually inspect the miner and make sure there are no signs of damage such as broken fan blades. dents, and cracks

Connect the power cables and Ethernet

Run the software” Goldshell”, click “scan”, then we can find the miner IP address within the local network.

Now let’s configure the miner. Login to your account first. The user name and password are both “admin”。

Click “miner”, and add a pool.

Take Dxpool as an example. HS3 SE is an HNS miner. Click the “Pool”, choose “HNS”. You can find the Stratum URL at the bottom of the page. Copy it to Goldshell HS3’s “URL” and “Port”. And fill in your Dxpool’s username. For the password, you can set anyone you like or don’t fill it. Now the configuration is over.

You can check the miner status immediately. The RT hashrate, Ave hashrate of the miner, and the ave hashrate of each hash board.

Additional information

Weight 0.56 kg
Dimensions 132 × 96 × 85 cm
Delivey Batch


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1 review for Goldshell HS1 Miner 50Gh/s ASIC Miner Control Software.

  1. admin

    I have these running now for some good time and I have to add these are some on the best miners in the market right now. We offer such an amazing price you can turn some good rewards , and even more overtime.

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