ipollo v1 mini classic mineripollo v1 mini classic miner

iPollo V1 Mini Classic Miner

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  • Hashrate(Gps,0~±10%):270MH
  • Size(mm,H*W*L):179 x 143 x 90mm
  • Algorithm:Ethash/ETH
  • Powerconsumption(W,0~±10%):270w
  • Link method:Ethernet
  • Weight(Kg):2.5kg
  • Digital Currency:ETH
  • MPU: IpolloR1


iPollo V1 Mini Classic Miner

iPollo V1 Mini Classic Miner is designed to mine ETC with 280Mh/s hash power with only 270W power consumption. With this quiet and low power consumption design, you can easily put in anywhere you like. No matter in the office or bedroom, it bothers nobody.

Features: iPollo V1 Mini Classic Miner

* Mine ETC with 270Mh/s Hashrate

* Super quiet, it can be running even in the office or bedroom.

* support 110V power supply for home use

* Super low power consumption.

* Memory Design memory-3.75 GB, available memory-3.6 GB

* 6 months factory warranty

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 17.9 × 14.3 × 9 cm



Singapore-based ASIC miner manufacturer, iPollo Miner, recently announced the launch of a series of limited edition NFT themed mining rigs.
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1 review for iPollo V1 Mini Classic Miner

  1. Jane Carter

    Fast Shipping, Good Packaging, Fair Price. Thank You.

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