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Multminer M1 multi-currency FPGA miner high-quality system


Multminer M1 multi-currency FPGA miner

Single package size:
30X30X50 cm
Single gross weight:
15.000 kg
Package Type:
Antminer S19

MultMiner M1 including 3 hash boards, using FPGA chips from American Xilinx Company. M1 is the best FPGA hardware and the most stable FPGA miner.

Input: DC12V

MultMiner M1 Hash rate
Coin algorithms Hash rate/G Power consumption/W
CKB Eaglesong 31.50 820
Eaglesong        38.00 1150
HNS Black2B+SHA3         5.80 850
KDA Black2S        90.00 1000
TRB combinatorial algorithm        12.00 750

Power consumption: according to below different algorithms, suggest power supply consumption>1200W

Volumb: 430mm x290mm x240mm(after package) 330mm x 130mm x 170mm (machine) ;

Weight: N.W. 6Kg

Working temp.: -10°C ~ 40°C

Out Of Stock!


Multminer M1 multi-currency FPGA miner

MultMiner M1 contains 3 computing boards, adopts an American Xilinx FPGA chip, high-quality system integration architecture makes M1’s machine performance more stable and powerful, it is currently the most powerful hardware design and product structure in the FPGA mining machine market.

Currency Algorithm Hashrate/G Power Consumption/W
CKB Eaglesong 31.50




HNS Black2B + SHA3 5.80 850
KDA Black2s 90.00 1000
TRB combination algorithm 14.40 750
Other algorithms are being supported

MultMiner M1 containing Kuai force plate count, the United States Xilinx Company FPGA chip, high-quality systems integration architecture makes M1 machine performance is more stable and powerful, is the FPGA most mining machine operator market forces high hardware design and product mix.

Multminer M1  Machine hardware parameters

Power supply: DC12V;

Power consumption: It varies according to different algorithms (see below for details), it is recommended that the power supply power be >1200W;

Volume: 430mm × 290mm × 240mm (after packaging) 330mm x 130mm x 170mm (bare metal);

Weight: Net weight 6Kg;

Working temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C;

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 430 × 290 × 240 cm

Payment & Note

1. BTC(Bitcoin), LTC(Litecoin), BCH(Bitcoin Cash), USDT(omni) and USD are accepted in this batch.

2. The shipping cost included in the retail price shown above.。 customs charges and taxes (if any) are
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