Service Center

1.How to register on Asicminermarket?

There are tow ways to register on
1. You can register with your valid email.
2. You can log in asicminermarket with your Facebook , Twitter or Google account directly.Welcome to join us!

2.How to reset password if forgot?

1. If you use your Facebook or Google account, you can reset the password in your Facebook or Google account firstly, and then use the new password to log in;
2. If you registered via email, please click “Forgot your password? ” to reset your password. Please refer to the picture attached:
If it still does not work, you can contact us via email . We will help you reset your password directly. Please note that we may need some information from your order history since we have to ensure the security of your account.

3.What should I do if I want to change my registered account (Email/Phone number)?

Register by Email:
Please modify your registered email in your Account, which is located in Account Setting–Email ,. After entering your correct email, you will get an email from asicminermarket with verification code. Please enter the code, then the email will be changed successfully.
1. It only can be modified once a month.
2. It is also applicable to change your bound email.
3. All emails from asicminermarket will be sent to your new email.
Register by Phone number:
The process is same as Registered by Email.

4.How to unsubscribe from Asicminermarket?

You can unsubscribe by yourself.
Email unsubscribe:
1. The “UNSUBSCRIBE” button is at the bottom of the system emails. If you don’t want to get these emails, please click to unsubscribe.
2. Or you can click here?to unsubscribe your email directly.
Note: Please DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE if you have any orders since all the information about your orders will be sent to you, which will help you to be informed about the status of your package.

5.How could i apply a business account

If you want to be one of our long term business partner, which could get better pricing discount,wider payment terms and more flexible support. please contact our customer service team