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INNOSILICON A5 Dash Miner 30.2GH/S

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30.2GHs 750W, Innosilicon today announced the launch of the next generation of X11 full custom-made chip and mine A5 DashMaster. The product is the company in the Wright A4 mine after another masterpiece, carefully optimized by the multinational team development, performance far ahead, has completed the chip-level verification, single-tube guarantee power and provide free warranty for six months warranty.
Product Type: INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster
Calculus: 30.2GH / s (+/- 8%)
Power consumption: 750W +/- 8% (wall power consumption, 93% power efficiency, 25 ° C ambient temperature)
Chip Type: A5 DashMaster ASIC
Size: Monocular, 400mm (L) x 135mm (W) x 158mm (H)
Weight: 4.8KG
Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 100 ° C
Network Type: Ethernet
Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster Master of the world’s leading, one step, to several times the competitive power of the largest computing power, the best energy efficiency than the boutique, to ensure that the miners to buy do not regret, mining time, however, invincible The


Shipping instructions

Delivery time: PRE-ORDER, first come first served. October 01 – October 30 delivery


180 days parts (free maintenance service)
The following conditions do not enjoy the warranty:
The miners themselves dismantle or privately change or replace components;
Lightning, voltage surge, poor quality of the power supply damage to the mine;
Circuit boards and components filled with water, exposed to moisture or corrosion;
Circuit boards and chips burned;
If this happens, maintenance will charge a service charge.


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