Immersion Cooling Mining D20

Immersion Cooling Mining Tanks

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Immersion Cooling Mining D20

Product description

The Immersion Cooling Mining D20. Boost performance, minimize heat, and optimize profits with our advanced cooling solution


Gross Weight


Cooling Medium

S3 X(Shell)

Electrical Code


Heat Dissipation

Immersion Cooling

Servers Capacity

100pcs (*Antminer S19 )

Electricity Demand


Monitoring Content

UPS Power Supply,Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Cooling Medium amount

About 5000L

Transportation Standard

Certified By China Classification Society

Max Oil Temperature (℃)

In 45℃ Out 60℃

Gross Dimension (In Millimeters)

6000mmx2400mmx2800mm (L x W x H)